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In 2000, EPG took the guide in gaining ISO14001 setting management certification and thereafter handed the inspection of clean generation and recycling economic system, profitable the title of “Zhejiang Environmentally friendly Business”. We are searching forward to building effective company relationships with new consumers about the entire world in the foreseeable future. The team is targeted on producing all selection of standard roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, such as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless metal chain, agricultural chain and has not just sold its products all in excess of china, but also bought much more than sixty five% goods to oversees, which includes Europe, The us, South-east Asia, and it also has established up storage logistics in areas like Europe.

EPT EPTTful Neodymium EPT Accessories

Neodymium magnet supply the strongest magnetic EPTT nowadays. They are especially ideal for substantial volume manufacturing in a broad selection of form and size. Specific dimensional management is achieved in machining processes.

one.Apps:EPTs, Turbines, JCEPors, SEPTers, Earphones and other musical instruments, EPTic therapy products, EPTic Chuck, EPTic bearings and couplings, NdFeB Pot EPT and other magnetic applications.

2.Quality: N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N35SH-N45SH, N28UH-N42UH, N28EH-N40EH, N28AH-N38AH.

three.Condition: EPTT

4.Coating:Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn(Cr3 ), Tin, Epoxy, Ni-Ag, Ni-Au, Passivation, Parylene, and so on.

5.Dimension:EPTT dimension for every your demands.

6.Certification:ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009 and RoHS.

/ Sintered NdFeB EPT
Residual Induction (Br) Coercive Power (Hcb) Intrinsic Coercive Pressure (Hcj) Max JCEP Item (BH)max Temp. Coefficient Tk Max Doing work Temp. Curie Temp.
T kGs kA/m kOe kA/m kOe kJ/m sup3 MGOe %/ ordmC(Br) %/ ordmC(Hcj) ordmC ordmC
N35 one.17-1.22 eleven.7-12.2 ge868 ge10.9 ge955 ge12 263-287 33-36 -.twelve -.70 eighty 310
N38 1.22-one.twenty five twelve.two-12.5 ge899 ge11.3 ge955 ge12 287-310 36-39 -.twelve -.70 eighty 310
N40 one.twenty five-1.28 12.five-twelve.eight ge907 ge11.4 ge955 ge12 302-326 38-41 -.twelve -.70 80 310
N42 one.28-one.32 twelve.eight-13.two ge915 ge11.5 ge955 ge12 318-342 forty-43 -.twelve -.70 eighty 310
N45 1.32-one.38 thirteen.two-thirteen.8 ge923 ge11.6 ge955 ge12 342-366 43-forty six -.12 -.70 eighty 310
N48 one.38-1.42 13.eight-14.two ge923 ge11.six ge955 ge12 366-390 forty six-49 -.twelve -.70 80 310
N50 one.40-1.forty five fourteen.-14.five ge796 ge10. ge876 ge11 382-406 forty eight-51 -.12 -.70 sixty 310
N52 one.43-1.48 fourteen.three-fourteen.8 ge796 ge10. ge876 ge11 398-422 fifty-53 -.twelve -.70 sixty 310
N35M one.seventeen-one.22 11.7-12.2 ge868 ge10.nine ge1114 ge14 263-287 33-36 -.twelve -.70 one hundred 310
N38M one.22-one.25 twelve.two-twelve.5 ge899 ge11.three ge1114 ge14 287-310 36-39 -.twelve -.70 a hundred 310
N40M one.25-one.28 twelve.5-twelve.eight ge923 ge11.six ge1114 ge14 302-326 38-forty one -.twelve -.70 a hundred 310
N42M 1.28-1.32 twelve.8-thirteen.2 ge955 ge12. ge1114 ge14 318-342 forty-43 -.twelve -.70 a hundred 310
N45M one.32-1.38 13.2-13.8 ge995 ge12.five ge1114 ge14 342-366 forty three-forty six -.12 -.70 100 310
N48M 1.37-one.forty three 13.7-fourteen.3 ge1571 ge12.9 ge1114 ge14 366-390 46-forty nine -.12 -.70 one hundred 310
N50M 1.40-one.45 fourteen.-14.5 ge1033 ge13 ge1114 ge14 382-406 forty eight-51 -.12 -.70 one hundred 310
N35H 1.seventeen-1.22 eleven.7-12.two ge868 ge10.9 ge1353 ge17 263-287 33-36 -.twelve -.70 one hundred twenty 310
N38H 1.22-1.twenty five 12.2-twelve.5 ge899 ge11.three ge1353 ge17 287-310 36-39 -.twelve -.70 120 310
N40H one.twenty five-one.28 12.five-twelve.8 ge923 ge11.6 ge1353 ge17 302-326 38-forty one -.twelve -.70 a hundred and twenty 310
N42H one.28-one.32 twelve.8-thirteen.two ge955 ge12. ge1353 ge17 318-342 forty-forty three -.12 -.70 a hundred and twenty 310
N45H 1.32-1.36 13.2-13.6 ge963 ge1353 ge17 342-366 43-46 -.twelve -.70 one hundred twenty 310
N48H 1.37-1.43 ge995 ge12.five ge1353 ge17 366-390 46-49 -.twelve -.70 120 310
N35SH 1.17-one.22 11.7-12.two ge876 ge11. ge1592 ge20 263-287 33-36 -.eleven -.sixty five one hundred fifty 320
N38SH 1.22-1.twenty five 12.two-12.five ge907 ge11.four ge1592 ge20 287-310 36-39 -.11 -.65 a hundred and fifty 320
N40SH one.25-one.28 twelve.5-twelve.eight ge939 ge11.8 ge1592 ge20 302-326 38-forty one -.11 -.65 150 320
N42SH one.28-1.32 twelve.8-thirteen.two ge987 ge12.four ge1592 ge20 318-342 forty-forty three -.11 -.65 150 320
N45SH 1.32-1.38 13.2-13.8 ge1003 ge12.six ge1592 ge20 342-366 43-forty six -.11 -.65 150 320
N28UH 1.04-one.08 10.four-ten.8 ge764 ge9.6 ge1990 ge25 207-231 26-29 -.11 -.60 a hundred and eighty 330
N30UH 1.08-one.13 ten.8-11.3 ge812 ge10.two ge1990 ge25 223-247 28-31 -.11 -.sixty one hundred eighty 330
N33UH one.13-one.seventeen ge852 ge1990 ge25 247-271 31-34 -.eleven -.60 180 330
N35UH one.seventeen-one.22 ge860 ge10.8 ge1990 ge25 263-287 33-36 -.11 -.sixty one hundred eighty 330
N38UH 1.22-1.25 twelve.2-twelve.five ge876 ge11. ge1990 ge25 287-310 36-39 -.eleven -.60 a hundred and eighty 330
N40UH one.25-one.28 12.five-twelve.8 ge899 ge11.three ge1990 ge25 302-326 38-41 -.eleven -.sixty a hundred and eighty 330
N42UH one.28-1.32 twelve.eight-thirteen.two ge899 ge11.3 ge1990 ge25 318-342 forty-43 -.11 -.sixty a hundred and eighty 330
N28EH one.04-one.08 ten.4-10.eight ge780 ge9.eight ge2388 ge30 207-231 26-29 -.11 -.55 two hundred 330
N30EH one.08-1.13 ten.eight-eleven.three ge812 ge10.2 ge2388 ge30 223-247 28-31 -.11 -.fifty five 200 330
N33EH one.13-1.seventeen ge836 ge10.five ge2388 ge30 247-271 31-34 -.11 -.fifty five two hundred 330
N35EH 1.17-1.22 ge876 ge11. ge2388 ge30 263-287 33-36 -.11 -.fifty five two hundred 330
N38EH 1.22-one.25 twelve.2-twelve.five ge899 ge11.3 ge2388 ge30 287-310 36-39 -.eleven -.fifty five two hundred 330
N40EH 1.twenty five-one.28 12.5-12.8 ge899 ge11.three ge2388 ge30 302-326 38-forty one -.eleven -.55 200 330
N28AH one.04-1.08 10.four-ten.eight ge787 ge9.9 ge2624 ge33 207-231 26-29 -.ten -.fifty 230 350
N30AH 1.08-one.thirteen 10.eight-eleven.3 ge819 ge10.three ge2624 ge33 223-247 28-31 -.ten -.50 230 350
N33AH one.thirteen-one.seventeen 11.three-11.7 ge843 ge10.six ge2624 ge33 247-271 31-34 -.10 -.50 230 350
N35AH 1.17-1.22 ge876 ge11. ge2624 ge33 263-287 33-36 -.10 -.50 230 350
N38AH 1.22-1.twenty five twelve.2-twelve.five ge899 ge11.three ge2624 ge33 287-310 36-39 -.ten -.fifty 230 350
*The previously mentioned-pointed out info of magnetic qualities and actual physical houses are given at area temperature.
*The max operating temperature of magnet is changeable due to length-diameter ratio, coating thickness and one more atmosphere variables.

  in Tanta Egypt  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Strong Powerful Permanent Magnetic Accessories manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler


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